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Sky Planter

Sky Planter

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Defying gravity, Sky Planter™ encourages more greenery at home and at work, sacrificing floor space. The Slo-Flo™ internal irrigation system feeds water directly to the plant's roots limiting evaporation and dripping. A locking disc secures the plant and medium so there's no mess. Enjoy nature.

Easi Grow Maintenance

  • Save Space
    Look up in any home or office and the least used space will be the ceiling. What better place to grow an indoor garden without interrupting your day-to-day living
  • Medium
    The Sky Planter™ is designed for ready grown house plants, so the soil, vermiculite or coconut chips your buy your plant in is usually the best type to use
  • Purify Air
    Plants emit oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide and noxious chemicals. This improves air quality and increases well being, concentration and energy
  • Watering
    The Slo-Flo™ irrigation system feeds water gradually to the plant's roots. Watering frequency varies depending on the plant, size of Sky Planter™ and the climate, average weekly once
  • Conserve Water
    The Sky Planter's unique Slo-Flo™ irrigation system feeds water gradually to the plant's roots. Because there is no excess water to drain away or evaporate, they can be used indoors 
  • Light
    Ensure you install your Sky Planter™ where there is suitable natural light for your plant. You will notice that the plant begins to grow towards the light. Rotate the plant weekly to maintain an even appearance
  • Improve Health
    Plants have been proven to positively affect health by increasing alertness and alleviating stress
  • Food
    Feed your plants by putting water soluble liquid fertilizer directly into the reservoir

5 Easi Setup Steps

Step 1
Unpack your Sky Planter™. Ensure the Slo-Flo™ reservoir is securely in position at the bottom of the planter body.
Step 2
Gently place your plant into the planter body. Fill the planter with soil to cover the base of the Slo-Flo™ reservoir then gently insert the plant. Be careful not to damage the roots.
Step 3
Cut the mesh collar to fit the stem of the plant and insert. Place on top of the soil. If the plant has very thick stems, you may not need to use the mesh collar.
Step 4
Insert locking disc around the plant stem. Align the lugs on the base of the disc with openings in the planter body and then turn to lock.
Step 5
Pour fresh water through the top hole of the planter, into the Slo-Flo™ reservoir, then hang.


About Slo-Flo™ internal irrigation system - it's a nutrient solution reservoir which feeds water directly to the plant's roots limiting evaporation and dripping. Slo-Flo™ holds an average of 8 days water supply for the plants.


Product Specifications


Large Pot

  • 180mm(h)

Small Pot

  • 130mm(h)
Colour White / Black

1 x Mesh Collar

1 x Locking Disc

1 x Planter Body

1 x Slo-Flo™ Reservoir

1 x Ceiling hook, PVC Plug, Extension Hanging Wire

1 x Float Stick



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Video Clip - Transplanting Orchid Plant Into Sky Planter



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