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Closed Terrarium - D1

Closed Terrarium - D1

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Closed  Terrarium 

A Closed Terrarium is a sealed glass container that houses a miniature ecosystem. It is usually made up of layers of drainage, soil, plants, moss and decorative items. The sealed environment creates a miniature water cycle, where the water evaporates from the soil, condenses on the glass, and falls back down into the soil, thus sustaining the plants and moss inside. 

 Benefits of Terrarium at Home or Office

- Easy Maintenance, Minimal Care

- Stress Relief

- Decorative Elememt

- Educational Tool

- Greenery for Indoor


1. Place terrarium indoor with bright light,  no direct sunlight. It will be ideal to be under LED desktop light.

2. Trim and remove yellow leaves

3. If condensation builds up inside the terrarium, remove the lid until the glass becomes clear to allow the excess moisture to evaporate

4. Water the terrarium if there is no water condensation on the soil. The plants and moss inside will provide visual cues indicating when they require more water 

Terrarium Details

Plants: Fittonia, Feather Moss, Peperomia Rotundfolia
Soil: Premium Terrarium Mix
Drainage Layer: River Rocks, Cloth Netting
Container: Crystal Glass (Height: 100mm, Diameter: 60mm)  


This Video shows the complete setup for Closed Terrarium -D1



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