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Half Euro Cylinder Lock

Half Euro Cylinder Lock

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Customised Service
Onsite Lock Replacement

Half Euro cylinder lock

A half or single Euro cylinder lock is shorter than a full Euro cylinder lock and keyed only on one side. This type is ideal for garage doors and shed doors.

Our Locks are with Built-In Quality, Tested for Reliability.


Length of cylinder is the total length of A (45mm)


 Product Details

Material:      Zinc Alloy
Finish:          Satin Nickel
Functions:   SingleSided Key
No of Keys: 3 keys
No of Pins : 5 Pins
Length:        45mm

12-Months Warranty for Lock Mechanism under Indoor Usage, from the date of purchased

Customised Service (Master Keyed / Keyed Alike)

We provide customised service to configure 2 or more Cylinder Locks to be Master Keyed or Keyed Alike

Our Master Keyed/Keyed Alike system are Unique, Local Customised based on your requirements, NOT factory mass Mater Keyed/Keyed Aliked locks. 


For Master Keyed Cylinder Locks means each Cylinder Lock has its unique key to open, but there is a special Master Key which can open this set of Cylinder Locks. For example if you have 5 bedroom locks under Master Keyed system, each bedroom lock has its own set of keys to open, but the house owner has a Master Key to open all 5 bedroom locks.


For Keyed Alike Cylinder Locks means all Cylinder Locks use a common key to open. 

Customised Service takes approximately 5 working days turnaround.

You can select Different types of locks (as shown above) to customise for a Master Key or Key Aliked.

This video explains the Master Key and Keyed Alike Systems.


Once you have placed order for Master Key / Key Aliked service, our team will contact you for confirmation. 

For OnSite Lock Replacement


For Onsite Lock Replacement service, our team will install the locks with the same specification of the existing locks. No modification will be made on the door. Before the onsite visit, we will communicate with you to ensure the purchased locks are suitable for replacements. 

Please email for further details. 



Prices include delivery within Singapore

For express delivery, please make payment with PayNow




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