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Hydroponic Mini Garden LED (Promotion Sales)

Hydroponic Mini Garden LED (Promotion Sales)

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A soil-free hydroponic indoor planting pot, with the combination of self-irrigation system, LED grow light and vermiculite planting medium, promoting most plants and herbs to grow in your urban living

Technique - Wick Hydroponic System

Nutrient Solution are stored in reservoir and moved into the root systems by capillary action using the wick-sticks

Features of Hydroponic Mini Garden

  • Hydroponic Planting Pot
    Uniquely designed pot promotes irrigation of nutrient solutions to root systems high water absorption wick-sticks
  • LED Light
    LED light switch allows the selection of reading light and plant grow. The LED light can be tilted over rotary screw for various angles.
  • Control System
    Built-in water level sensor with LED light alert for low water level
  • Nutrient Reservoir
    Large nutrient solution storage up to 1 litre of average 2 week water supply
  • Food Grade ABS
    Pots and tank are built with food grade ABS plastic
  • Vermiculite
    High grade organic medium for planting
  • Mozzie-Free
    Water reservoir is fully enclosed, preventing insect breeding

Product Specifications


Nutrient Solution Tank

  • 25cm(b) x 10.5cm(w) x 8.5cm(h)

Planting Pot

  • 9.3cm(b) x 9.3cm(w) x 10.2cm(h)
Power Input 16V, 1A, 100v~240V
Colour White
Net Weight 1200g
LED Light 8w


1 x Nutrient Solution Tank
1 x LED Light Stick
2 x Planting Pots with Vermiculite
1 x Control Unit
1 x Manual



Hydroponic Mini Garden LED comes with 2-month local warranty for the control unit.


Video Clip - Unboxing Hydroponic Mini Garden LED


Video Clip - Transplanting on Hydroponic Mini Garden LED



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