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Hydroponic Smart Cultivator ES2-3

Hydroponic Smart Cultivator ES2-3

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A soil-free hydroponic vegetable cultivator with the full-automated control of nutrient and LED light supply, ensuring the growth of your vegetables......

Technique - Nutrient Film Technique (NFT)
NFT is the active recovery type of hydroponic systems, which the nutrient solution is constantly flowing to the vegetable roots


LED Light
Applied our own LED system for growing plants, providing the wave length best suit for plant's photosynthesis(red -light 660 nm, green light 450 nm) and proper photosynthesis light quantum density to make plants grow well even in where amount of sunshine is little.
Also, its life expectancy reaches more than 50,000 hours, almost permanent.
It is an environmental friendly artificial resource with high energy efficiency.


Automatic System
Water tank farming automatic system provides one touch easy control of all functions.

Water(nutrient solution) automatic provider

  • LED light resource automatic setting functio
  • Outside temperature sign function

  • Warning sign for nutrient solution shortage


Product Specifications

2 Rows, 3 Layers, 24 Pots
LED Light: 45 W
Dimension: 730 mm(w) x 1516 mm(h) x 355 mm(d)
Net Weight: 30 kg




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