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Hydroponic Wheat Grass (Organic) Growing Kit

Hydroponic Wheat Grass (Organic) Growing Kit

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This complete hydroponic kit is ideal for growing wheatgrass. Once the system is setup, you just need to add water “one-time” into the container and wait to harvest in 5-6 days. No daily watering/maintenance and no fertiliser is needed. 

The kit consists of

(1) Self-Watering Hydroponic Growing Tray (2 sets)

Soil-free hydroponic indoor planting pot, with the combination of self-watering system and vermiculite planting medium. It’s using the wicked Hydroponic technique. 


(2) Organic New Zealand Wheatgrass Seeds (2 packs)

- 100% Organic wheatgrass seeds
- can grow about 20 trays of wheatgrass




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